Everything and nothing

The problem when you leave your blog duties for so long is that you don’t know what to write about when in reality there is so much to tell!

So apologies in advance for the mix & match of content this post will become.

2019, the year they turn 2. Somehow I think the “terrible twos” have arrived prematurely in our little monsters but so far it’s mostly cuteness and a side of tantrum-headexplodeness. I’m assuming the proportions of these two factors will very much reverse as time goes by!

Medical stuff

We had our fare share of colds/bronchitis/gastro after the summer break and until 20190115_183512Christmas but right at the beginning of the xmas holidays is died down and its been nearly a month sickness free (whoa). Even better, Ana had a very quick cold she fought off by herself in a couple of days and without getting her sisters sick! this is a real first that I like to interpret as their immune system finally kicking in.

Alicia is still resisting solid foods mostly, but she has phases where she eats normal so we’re guessing it’s not really a physical issue. Just in case she’s booked to see the specialist in few weeks. Funnily enough, I had her booked for December but she suddenly started eating like a champ. The day after I cancelled it, she stopped eating again. So this time I’m keeping it regardless.

Ana went to see the ear/nose/throat specialist because of her constant nose blocking, snoring, etc. She had a hearing test and ears checked. Turns out her middle ear is full of liquid and her ear/nose canal is very immature so she isn’t emptying her ears properly. At this age of learning to talk, it’s very important that liquid is gone so she can get the right pronunciation, etc.The hearing test showed she has lesser hearing than average so we’ll be inserting what they call ‘diabolo’s in her ear to allow the liquid to exit. She’ll keep them for about a year or so. She also has ridiculously large tonsils which together with the nose blockage might be causing her to have apneas while she sleeps, hence why she’s our worst sleeper. We’ll be testing for that too.

Other than that (which sounds worse than it is), the girls are thriving. They all are perfectly mobile, they communicate so much with us, it’s so much easier than it used to be to deal with them (yes, even with the tantrums) and the talking is well on its way.

They are becoming actual people lol

Their first “real” Christmas

This year was the first time they were more or less conscious about something happening. They really enjoyed the toys, they had dinner with the rest of the family, Nana came over for the week and it was really nice. To be honest I thought xmas was going to be a nightmare for us parents. But in the end, our wonderful guests (nana, her friend, uncle, grandad…) made it so we could spend some quality time with the girls and it was lovely.


Toddlers are….

Toddlers are insane and, with all our good intentions of dealing with it gracefully, they bring us down to their level more often than not. But they are also insanely fun to be around when in a good mood and triple the fun with triplets. It’s impossible to convey in a blog post the hilarity of some things they do (the same as it’s impossible to describe how many times my head explodes in a day lol). And, mostly, the things that are funny and cute to begin with end up in being the source of very annoying moments.

Started to read this book and it has me in stitches


First holiday is booked

We will be braving the Spanish Mediterranean coast in June after a trip to my dad’s village! Of course this will be done with enlisted help but I’m really looking forward to it (knowing full well how hard it will be!).

20190116_072326_HDR 20190113_082450_HDR 20190109_071402_HDR

A little about each of them:



Alicia is still the first to do most things. She’s calm, thoughtful and loves books and songs. She also loves to hit her sisters over the head when they don’t appreciate how nice she is to them (eg: bring a dummy to a sister, she refuses it, Alicia smacks her over the head with a toy). She also sits/lies on others. It’s like a bear hug that doesn’t stop. She can say her name super well and many other words and sentences, including “I see you”, most animals, body parts and names of her little friends at daycare.


20190110_072552  20190108_070418_HDR


Laura remains the cheekiest of the three. She’s such a pleasure to be around, is only discovering tantrums now and I don’t think she understands what happens to her when they kick in. She eats like a champion, jumps so high on the trampoline and is, overall, fearless. I have called her LauraO in reference to the MTV series Jackass. Loves Mary Mary Quite Contrary, cuddling sheep and Baby shark. Is very happy left to her own devices and loves to hide behind cots, under chairs…. anywhere she can find! She’s close behind Alicia with her speech.


20190110_071911 20190111_180354_HDR20190114_065908_HDR


Ana, or Queen Ana (her alter ego when she’s being a despot to her sisters), can be just as sneaky as she can be sweet. To this day still gives the best cuddles but can also be really jealous of whatever her sisters are playing with. She demands to pick which bottle to drink from, which boppy cushion to sit on and which shoes she’ll wear! Otherwise all hell breaks lose… for hours on end! She’s the best eater of the three by a mile and still has the easiest laugh to get. She’s a total diva in the making.




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Colds, coughs, sneezes, snots

I think the title sums the last month up. With the return of all the children to day care, all the germs of the world seem to have fallen upon us. We keep trying to figure out how to avoid the constant colds they get: are we dressing them enough? too much? is the heating on/off enough? are 1 tog sleeping bags still OK or should we move on to a higher one? socks or tights? fluffy or jeans jacket? … enough to drive you insane when the lingering cough shows up, yet again, in the morning. Mr H and I also had a “wonderful” run of throat infections that required antibiotics the size of a horse. Suffice to say we’re tired… but managing!

A bit worried about Alicia as her last cold ended up with some aerosols because of a slight respiratory distress. The doctor felt her spleen a bit enlarged and thinks it’s the viral infection she was fighting which, in turn, could have caused the distress. We’ll still be monitoring that closely. I committed the enormous error of googling enlarged spleen and of course it’s all terrible things I don’t want to think about unless they actually happen. Now it’s constantly playing in the back of my mind and can’t wait to see if it just goes away as the paediatrician thinks it should.

Other than that, Alicia is just not progressing towards solid foods like her sisters despite having the most teeth. The paediatrician tells us it’s just a question of maturity of her throat and her swallow reflex and to just give it time. While I know she’s right it’s just frustrating at this 1.5 year mark to still have her eating pureed food (and not that good either!). We need to avoid pushing too hard or creating tension around feeding time to ensure she doesn’t develop negative associations with feeding time. It’s just so hard!!!

The three now roam free around the ground floor of the house which is really fun but also a source of numerous falls and bumps. But it’s clear they enjoy having spaces to go to and hide and play together without everyone watching them. The kisses have arrived too! and it’s the cutest (and sloppiest) thing 🙂

Talking is also starting to happen. We’ve now moved beyond “zapato” and “giraffe” to “cat”, “teddy”, “woof woof”, “doggie”, “ana”, “bath time”, etc. It’s lovely! And they point correctly at most of the things we ask them to show us, they bring stuff, they take stuff to each other, they comfort each other by bringing dummies… and of course, they also shove, push, pull hair, sit on… but that’s old news so I’m not focusing on it 😉

Fun story, our poor Stella has been re-baptised “Caca” (poo, in spanish) as every time they tried to pick up her toys to put it in their mouths we kept telling them “no, caca” so now they point at Stella saying “caca” … oops!




Random things they do

Alicia has developed a love for books and likes to harass her daddy asking to be read to. Mr H keeps hiding them away, yet she keeps finding them over and over lol20180719_101929

Ana loves to dance when we sing to her rock songs and slaps her bum when we sing Sir Mix-A-Lot. ——————————————->

They sing “baa baa” to us when we sing baa baa black sheep to them.  Or “ya ya ya yaaaa” when we play the reggae song of the big bugz band.  It’s the sweetest thing.

Alicia has entered tantrum world. It’s atrocious, it happened without prior warning. My goodness can she scream and hit the floor with her firsts and feet. After a month of eating for ten, she’s decided eating isn’t really her stuff these days. Doctor says nothing’s wrong with her as she’s really alert and happy and doesn’t present any sign of malnutrition or dehydration. so we guess AND HOPE it’s related to the tantrum/control phase she’s in.

20180718_174714_hdrThe tantrum phase started when she started to walk. Maybe the brain takes steps like that… she had a growth spurt, she obviously leaped forward in development and with it came the next phase in life which is the “me me me” phase.

At least Ana, who used to be the “me me me” baby of the three, has been magically replaced by a super fun, always laughing, baby. Where have they taken the other Ana? who knows? My guess is that Alicia ate her.

stock-photo-little-baby-boy-sitting-on-sisters-back-pulling-her-hair-54513181Laura is slowly catching up with her sisters’ size. She loves cheese, grated cheese is by far her favourite food. She’s only 100 gr behind Ana and half a centimetre behind Alicia. She’s very independent, loves to play with everything but she still doesn’t grasp well the “no” concept (although she’s getting there) and she likes to assert herself by being physically abusive to her sisters. She’s particularly fond of the hair pulling, including with two hands while sitting on their back. A bit like this stock image but add an evil smile to her.

She reminds me a bit of this scene in friends


She also raises her arms in victory every time she doesn’t something right or new and screams as if she was a WWE champion.


In short, she’s a bit of a jackass, always throwing herself head first. You wouldn’t tell when you see this sweety pie face, would you?


Anyone care to share with me if the refusing food has happened to them with their babies? did it last long? was it really just a phase? it’s weird to me and if it wasn’t for the doctors telling me repeatedly not to worry I would probably be freaking out by now.