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We have a first crawler

And it’s Alicia! My money was on Laura who did it half an hour after Alicia. Funnily enough both found enough motivation to do it for the remote control… We’ve been trying with toys for so long 😂

I’m luring Ana with my phone tomorrow… Maybe that will give her that last little push!

We tried the put the toys far away approach… Didn’t really work.

Maybe because there was a flaw in our plan. The big ass toy box to the left of Alicia which, of course, did not go unnoticed (but no crawling)

Crawling happened here:

First times

Isn’t it funny how most of the things they won’t remember are so important to us? Today we had the first snow of the season and their first time seeing snow. They were completely ignorant to my attempts to show it to them lol. Yet, it’s the first time they see snow… I think it’s more our first time seeing them see something 🙂

the piano is waaay more interesting than snow!

In addition to snow, we had a wonderful wake up full of giggles between sisters and snuggles with Stella.