Year and a half mark

18 months today (16 and a bit adjusted) and the little ones are still little but growing up so fast! Watching them grow up into toddlers is amazing. They’re definitely not babies any more and look more and more like little girls (trying on pretend bracelets and all!)

Funny how we don’t both anymore with obsession about weights etc. We can SEE they are developing well so, knock on wood,things will continue to be like that.  They have pretend tea parties, babble all day long, do animal sounds (in three languages!), dance and sing to nursery rhymes, run, scream, laugh… what more can we ask for? well, maybe some better sleeping patterns and a bit of better eating but besides that, not much more to want and definitely nothing needed.




Long time, no write!

I seem to be an unreliable blogger, or maybe I can only hold one online presence at a time. Since I joined Instagram (talk about peer pressure to join a social media!) I can’t seem to find the inspiration to blog properly. Instagram is so easy and lazy! a nice picture, a couple of hashtags and you’re done. Here I actually need to write full sentences lol Continue reading → Long time, no write!

Heatwave be gone

According to the news, today will HOPEFULLY be the last day of the heatwave. It’s been such hard work to help them sleep OK at night and, on top of that, they’ve all caught at some point a summer cold. I just hope they’re all fine when we go get them the MMR vaccination in a couple of weeks! I don’t want to put it off any more.

As bad as the nights have been, the days are great in the sense that they’re just learning to do so many new things! Continue reading → Heatwave be gone