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The secret

Once you become a mum, particularly of multiples, other mothers suddenly decide to share how much of a struggle the first months and years have been for them. They all come clean about the lack of sleep, the difficulties getting along with their significant others, how horrible their kid was about this or that, how the newborn phase sucked donkey’s arse. They do so because they understand that if they had such a hard time, I must be going INSANE. They are correct 🙂 Continue reading → The secret

Under pressure

I’m finding myself under a lot of pressure to perform as a mum. In Belgium, babies are followed medically quite closely by the state so one gets to go to free consults with paediatricians who basically weight, measure and check your babies’ progress. This means we have our regular paediatrician (Regped), the state paediatrician (Stateped) and the neonatal paediatrician (Neoped) that see my girls regularly. As a consequence, we get enormous amounts of input by professionals which are sometimes at odds with each other. Continue reading → Under pressure

2018 here we come

A year ago Mr H and I wished that 2017 would see the birth of our triplets without major health complications. Our wish was granted and on 24th April the three little clever monkeys were born much healthier than we were preparing ourselves to face. The day they were discharged we were so scared to break them that we agreed that we would count ourselves lucky to reach the end of the year and still count 6 arms and 6 legs. Well, I’m happy to report that we were also successful at that 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll be able to start talking about “the year the girls were born” and, in 2018 we’ll continue to marvel at their development, worry about whatever cold or bruise they get and also we’ll be taking our first family trips. I can’t wait to see them crawl, walk and hear them talk. 

Inspired by Father of Triplets letters to his sons, I’d like to write something for my girls. 

Alicia, my sweet girl, my smart cookie. I’ve enjoyed every moment with you since you were born. You were the strongest from the start and, in good “older sister” fashion, you rarely complain about anything. You’re a student of your surroundings, there’s no challenge you don’t take up and conquer. Nothing is sweeter to my ears than to hear you try to talk dadadada … You just get things. You also like to scream for fun which we hope you’ll grow out of eventually 🙂 you sit, you (try to) talk, you grab and steal all the toys, you try soooo hard to crawl it makes you scream with rage when it’s just not working. You smile at your sisters’ sight and you belly laugh when you see Stella. You are just solid. Smart, thoughtful and kind but also very jealous of others’ belongings!! I love you with passion. 
Laura, my cheeky monkey, you are just delightful to be around. Always smiling and entertaining whoever dares look at you. You are full of mischief and we’ll be looking out to make sure you dont get your sisters or yourself in trouble! You’re a fighter and have decided that you won’t be the little one on anything other than your size! You have found out that crawling isn’t needed to move across the room. Rolling is just as effective and twice as fun. You love to steal your sisters’ dummies but may I kindly advice you not to suck on them in a celebratory fashion in their faces. They are, after all, bigger than you and could easily slap you around (daddy and I would probably let them as you boss them around so much!)  You won’t take crap from anyone I’m sure, and you do right. I can’t wait to hear you talk and call mama however I have a hunch that you’ll be calling daddy and grandad more. You amaze me and I love you like crazy!

Ana, you’re such a lovely baby. You crave attention and we’re happy to give it you when you look at us with those sparkly eyes. Yet, you’re also the neediest of the three and I have a feeling it’s because you know they are twins and you’re not. Fear not my little one, you’re all triplets above it all and your sisters will love you just as much as they love eachother and you love them. You are so happy to play with them, it makes my heart swell. You are also very lazy! You know how to do things but will only do them if needed (you might take that after me) You sit, you try to talk like Alicia, you grab just as good but you won’t hold your bottle if you can drink without using your hands (clever girl lol) You also are taking your time to roll over! Seems like you will walk before you can crawl.  You’re the closest thing to a zombie in our lives when you constantly make noises that reminds us of “brrraaaaaiiiin”. You just want to enjoy life, easygoing, playing, eating and being held. In return you give amazing smiles and hugs. You emanate love.  You’re a star and I love you to bits. 

And to my wonderful husband: I love you more

May 2018 bring everyone as much happiness and fulfillment as 2017 brought us (but not as much exhaustion)