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And then maximum cuteness happened

Just when I started wondering if they’re advancing as they should and whether we’re making normal progress etc I hear Laura giggle on the floor… then Alícia laughs … giggle, laugh, giggle… and then I witnessed maximum cuteness for a few minutes.

Our bedtime routine…

…has gone through a few iterations since we became solely responsible for putting the girls to bed. We’ve tried all sorts since bringing them home from hospital, with varying degrees of success, but I think we’ve finally cracked it with our latest routine. Whether or not this is because we’ve used our hard-won experience to good effect is up for debate, for all I know it might just be that they’re submitting to previously-dormant genetic programming. Continue reading → Our bedtime routine…


I’d like to dedicate a little post to each of my girls. They will forever be “the girls” and “the triplets” but they are very distinct to each other and have their own personalities.

Ana is our Singleton. Continue reading → Ana