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Triplets are difficult? Not really.

As a hard-worked, sleep-deprived and occasionally world-weary parent of triplets, it still amazes me how easy this all is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ridiculously insanely difficult. But, paradoxically, it’s easy. Even at four in the morning when you’re invoking supernatural powers hoping to trade your soul for just 30 seconds more sleep, it’s easy. And at five in the morning when you’ve spent an hour trying to sleep-walk three babies back to sleep, it’s easy. Continue reading → Triplets are difficult? Not really.

The secret

Once you become a mum, particularly of multiples, other mothers suddenly decide to share how much of a struggle the first months and years have been for them. They all come clean about the lack of sleep, the difficulties getting along with their significant others, how horrible their kid was about this or that, how the newborn phase sucked donkey’s arse. They do so because they understand that if they had such a hard time, I must be going INSANE. They are correct 🙂 Continue reading → The secret