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Long time, no write!

I seem to be an unreliable blogger, or maybe I can only hold one online presence at a time. Since I joined Instagram (talk about peer pressure to join a social media!) I can’t seem to find the inspiration to blog properly. Instagram is so easy and lazy! a nice picture, a couple of hashtags and you’re done. Here I actually need to write full sentences lol Continue reading → Long time, no write!

Heatwave be gone

According to the news, today will HOPEFULLY be the last day of the heatwave. It’s been such hard work to help them sleep OK at night and, on top of that, they’ve all caught at some point a summer cold. I just hope they’re all fine when we go get them the MMR vaccination in a couple of weeks! I don’t want to put it off any more.

As bad as the nights have been, the days are great in the sense that they’re just learning to do so many new things! Continue reading → Heatwave be gone

I wish

I’d be just as rude as some that hassle us when we’re about. Today I got the typical “are they natural?” question followed by “no ivf or anything?”… I wish that I would have had the guts to ask her if she uses pads or tampons or, considering her age, if the menopause was hard to live with. But I just politely continued my walk.

Damn it lol!

Also thought of a way of dealing with these questions in the future when the girls can understand. If they are with a kid of understanding age I might just ask them if he’s been adopted… 🙂

Things parents of multiples do/have

In a lighter tone that my last ranting post, I thought it would be fun to list things we do that might be out of the ordinary.

Note to our few readers: while I’ve titled this post this way, I am fully convinced that parents of single babies do it too but they might be more embarrassed to admit it 🙂

Many things are inspired by stuff read on parents of multiples’ sites, they are just so true!

We do:

  1. High-five each other after dropping babies in the crèche
  2. Often ask each other how can people with one baby be overwhelmed
  3. Put eating and sleeping at the bottom of our long daily ‘to do’ list.
  4. Prefer Mondays to Fridays
  5. Embrace the ‘fuck it’ culture from the moment they tell us we’re expecting three babies
  6. Shower (wash hair, dry body and dress) in 3 minutes
  7. Hate buttons in clothes, love snaps, and ADORE zippers.
  8. sometimes go to the toilet with a baby sat on our lap
  9. Run around the house naked in celebration of three babies napping at the same time.
  10. minimum coddling. Having preemie babies have made us worry enough for a lifetime for important reasons you know, breathing, keeping temperature, digesting, pooping… now that they have joined the ranks of healthy average babies, they can fall, cry, eat dirt, explore… it will only make them stronger 🙂
  11. make the point of getting to places on time
  12. enjoy the occasional standing up applause when walking the babies (it’s really happened to me!)
  13. feel we have bragging rights at the end of some particularly difficult days but…
  14. often just manage to survive the day without killing the babies, the dog or each other (which is also a source of high-fives)
  15. Get approached by strangers every.single.time we get out
  16. Look forward future school trips leaving the home a child-free zone for a few days

We have:

  1. Parents of multiples are known for having a lot, and I mean a lot, of patience (to deal with babies but also with the distinguished members of the public that can’t hold their curiosity in check)
  2. Excellent polite smile to answer most of the excessively invasive and ridiculously silly questions from total strangers
  3. A triple pram (with three big babies on it) to run over the feet of those purposely walking towards us blocking our path hoping to have a peek at the amazing sight of our cargo
  4. we also have superior upper body strength, and you just don’t want to makes us cross.
  5. Ninja speed capacity to change nappies…. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME
  6. the ability to feed two babies at once while rocking a third one with the foot
  7. so many times entered and exited stores/parking lots faster than people with one baby only (how can they be SO slow? are we missing something?)
  8. Developed a tolerance for cold coffee
  9. (now that they’re a bit older) babies that play with each other and make our living room look like a national geographic documentary about young cubs developing in the wild.
  10. to accept that even if we were to end world hunger, we would still be “the parents of triplets” as our main defining factor
  11. A different understanding of what most parents think being ‘tired’ means, whole new level times three (or four, or five). Think Guantanamo prisoner levels.
  12. As I read here, “for the first few years, no sympathy for moms who have one baby. You’re a genuinely nice person, but if one more mom of a single baby complains about how she has no time to shower, you will be forced to “accidentally” push her selection of organic, home-made fruit and vegetable purees off this picnic table and into the dirt.” True!
  13. Sympathy, after the first few years “for moms who have one toddler. They have to spend their days as the sole source of entertainment for their kid, while you can sit back and relax while yours play the “how many times can we lick each other before one of us starts screaming” game.”