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22 days

We received the news on 16 November. A flurry of hospital appointments followed and it was quickly drummed into us that this would be a complicated pregnancy, with additional risks thrown into the mix because two of the three babies were identical twins and thus were sharing a placenta. We were told to expect that my wife would require complete bed rest from late-December/early-January.

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“And here’s the third one.”

Words that changed our lives forever. My wife was laid on the examining table with her stomach exposed, and I was sat to the side nervously fumbling with my hands. This will be a familiar scenario for anyone who’s ever been expecting, familiar too for us as this wasn’t our first pregnancy, but today we had an additional worry as we’d previously been informed that my wife was expecting twins. We arrived at hospital hopeful that this latest scan wouldn’t find anything for us to be concerned about.

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