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Tip: The monkeys on the wall

When we decided to decorate the walls with stickers it was more out of our wish to avoid nailing things to the wall than anything. There are stickers on the nursery wall and on top of the changing tables. What was our surprise when the girls discovered them and loved them. They used to scream their heads off when being changed when we took them home. Now they love it and give us loads of precious moments. The monkeys downstairs are particularly successful and even when they’re having a difficult feed it helps to bring them to the monkeys to distract them and finish the bottle!


Octopuses for preemies

When we saw our babies in their incubators we couldn’t help but notice they had been given an octopus each. We were obviously puzzled by this and enquired about it. Turns out it’s an initiative started in Denmark called “The Danish Octo Project“.

It’s one of the things we intend to keep for life and to make sure they know these little octopuses were of the few things that have been with them since they were born. We are grateful to the unknown kind person that took the time and effort to make and send them to our hospital. Should you wish to contribute to this project, you can find out in the link above if it’s happening in your country.



Tip: Feeding quantities

I’ve always worried about whether the girls were eating enough for their weight. So for those of you looking to this, we eventually found the answer to the question (confirmed by our pediatricians).

The rule for the daily amount to aim for is the grams the baby weights divided by ten plus 250.

And interesting to know is that what our hospital considers overeating if the baby drinks more than 200ml per kilo.

So, if one of the girls weights 5.780 kg, her recommended amount would be:

578+250=828 ml/day

And the maximum:

5.780*200=1.156 ml/day

Anything in between, on average, is what we aim for.