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5 months follow-up

3 months and 3/4 adjusted.

All growing as they should, great tonicity, etc. Nothing wrong with them which is as much as we could ask for.

Alicia 6.2kg, 61 cms (P50)

Laura 5.2 kg, 59 cms (P15)

Ana 5.9 kg, 60.5 cms (P50)

They got their first shot for prevention of Bronchiolitis (something that could be severe in preemies).

Next step: solids start in less than two weeks!

Tip: The monkeys on the wall

When we decided to decorate the walls with stickers it was more out of our wish to avoid nailing things to the wall than anything. There are stickers on the nursery wall and on top of the changing tables. What was our surprise when the girls discovered them and loved them. They used to scream their heads off when being changed when we took them home. Now they love it and give us loads of precious moments. The monkeys downstairs are particularly successful and even when they’re having a difficult feed it helps to bring them to the monkeys to distract them and finish the bottle!