Long time, no write!

I seem to be an unreliable blogger, or maybe I can only hold one online presence at a time. Since I joined Instagram (talk about peer pressure to join a social media!) I can’t seem to find the inspiration to blog properly. Instagram is so easy and lazy! a nice picture, a couple of hashtags and you’re done. Here I actually need to write full sentences lol

Either way, here I am with an end of summer “break” update. I put break in commas because our break consisted on taking the girls to day care and having a child free day at home 🙂 But we figured taking a full on holiday this year would be a lot of planning, money, hassle for little rest and lots of disrupting the girls routine and a holiday they won’t remember. We will do that next year instead!

So today they finally had the last vaccination until they’re 5. The infamous MMR is now done and the girls were super brave this morning when having them. We did it taking advantage of a gastro ped appointment which also went great. We seem to be managing to get the girls off all reflux/constipation medication and slowly switching from thickened milk to normal one. In a week or so we should be able to be totally off these things!

Alicia continues being a fussy eater at home, but seems to be eating sort of OK at day care. She’s running everywhere and loves to talk (baby talk!). She’s now 9.150 kg and 75 cms long!

Laura walks great now and tries to run but often falls. But since she’s a bit of a jackass she finds it really funny (whatever!). She’s begun eating more solid foods and is becoming really interactive with her sister Ana which I love. She’s nearly caught up with Ana with 8.560 kg and 74.2 cms.

Ana tries really hard to walk and isn’t far off. She finally grew a third tooth and looks a bit like a vampire lol She’s obviously struggling much with that and makes her really whingey when sleeping.  Ana weights 8.600 kg and 75 cms.

They all now understand us much better, can easily bring to us the toy or thing we ask for and put their dummies in when crying and we tell them to (yay!).

I get now what I was warned about with the tantrum phase! oh my ….. headaches MUCH!! but it’s a phase that is important to go through apparently so we’re trying our best to keep calm when it strikes! (not very successfully many times but getting there!).

Here below a few pictures because, lets face it, they are awesome 🙂


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