Heatwave be gone

According to the news, today will HOPEFULLY be the last day of the heatwave. It’s been such hard work to help them sleep OK at night and, on top of that, they’ve all caught at some point a summer cold. I just hope they’re all fine when we go get them the MMR vaccination in a couple of weeks! I don’t want to put it off any more.

As bad as the nights have been, the days are great in the sense that they’re just learning to do so many new things! Alicia is fully walking now and, as expected, Laura is starting now to do it more independently, Ana is not far behind! Like with every development milestone, first it’s “wow, yay they can do this or that” it’s soon followed by the realisation that new problems for us are created.

It’s “yay they roll over”… then “will you stay still when I change your nappy”

Now it’s “yay she walks” followed soon by “NO we will not be going to the garden AGAIN”

“Awe she loves books so much is awesome”…. “I’m going to burn every single book I see”

Etc etc

They baby talk like crazy which is super cute to see and I’m pretty sure some correct words have been spoken but with so much going on at once I can never really tell for sure. What’s clear is that everything can be “mamma” except me 🙂

The era of tantrums are us has begun, with Alicia as the lead character. Oh my goodness I never expected it to be so ridiculous! lol the screams, the floor dropping, the throwing stuff around, the hands in the air and face while crying like there’s no tomorrow because… because… well, most of the time we don’t even know what’s gone wrong in her own little world. I suppose it’s a good thing as they’re supposed to go through this phase but deary me x3!

Nana has been here the last week. It’s nice to see them bonding quickly with her as I really want them to feel attached to her despite the distance.

We’re also in the process of removing the last medicines that they had been dragging since being little babies, those related to reflux and constipation. So far we’ve managed to remove the Omeprazole, next week we move to normal formula and it all goes well the forlax should also be gone after that! When that’s done there will only be the daily vitamin D left to be given, like “normal” toddlers! Anything to make our lives a little easier!

And to close off the message, a few pictures and videos 🙂





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