15 months

Can’t believe the little monsters are 15 months old today and still have all their limbs intact! (13 & 1/4 months adjusted age)


Alicia walks and the other two aren’t far behind. The house is full of screams some days but also of lovely sounds of babies trying to talk, to themselves and to each other. Interaction with us has increased exponentially and it’s just amazing to watch.


Laura has slept two nights in a row until 7.30 or beyond which made us go verify several times she was breathing lol Maybe it’s a sign of (good) things to come. They are different babies when they’ve slept well.


Ana is just a delight to be around. Smiles, laughs, games, dance, bounce… my my what a difference a tooth breaking through makes!!


The heatwave not only continues but increases. 24 Celcius at 8 am today….  sometime this week temperatures will reach 38C. Can’t wait…. NOT!

Nana is coming next week to see them. Maybe we’ll have two babies walking by then! that would be a surprise!

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