Teaching lessons to babies (?)

So I showed some pictures of the girls to a friend of mine, mother of two lovely kids. Most of the pictures were of them playing in our living room, which Mr. H has dedicated a lot of time and effort to making it a big, safe and enclosed space for them to play in. It’s all covered in mats, has toys, a tent, etc. It’s ideal also for us as it allows us to leave the room for a second without having to overly worry about serious injuries. Obviously, the soft mats don’t stop them from pulling each other’s hair or stealing the toys but I can live with that while I going to the toilet in record time or answer the door.


Why am I telling you all this you might be asking yourself? well because her reaction was precious. She looked horrified at the pics and said outraged: “but…. they’re going to think life is a fairytale!!”

Now, my reply was quite clear: “I would certainly hope so at this age!”

After we parted ways, I thought about it again and realised she might have purposely made her kids’ life harder to teach them a lesson, that life is hard. Could this be? And, to be honest, her life isn’t particularly hard compared to most people (stable well paying job, good family support, relatively wealthy, etc). What’s this comment about then? lol

We’re trying our damn hardest to make their lives as happy as possible (and sometimes it’s bloody hard to do it with no sleep and pain everywhere!). Life will throw enough shit at them without us adding to it.

I do intend to show them the cartoons we used to watch when I was a kid. “They don’t make them that way any more” I will add. They were pretty sad stories (and I mean saaaaaaaaaaaaaad) with super positive attitude main characters (Candy, Marco, Heidi, etc). Now all I see is random fun cartoons.

See, home should always be a good place to go to. That’s our way of seeing things. And then TV, life, school, friends’ drama, etc teaches you life lessons and it’s easy to learn them in the safety of your own home.

Anyway, it’s a random post, but I’m still amazed at the comment. Maybe it’s just me.

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