First graduation

Our babies are finally in the “Baby 2” section of the crèche. It took a long time because they needed three spots to free up in order to make them all move together but it was worth it as it allowed them to catch up a bit with regards to their “real age”.

Adaptation has been a breeze and although Alicia is still refusing to eat solids (what the heck is up with that sudden crap), she’s super happy to be there together with her sisters. Poor things have done this transition during a period of summer colds and a second round of teething that seems to be more painful than the first.

They went to the gastro paediatrician to get a plan to remove all the antacid, thick milk and laxative mix they’ve been on since they were 5 months old. He also checked them and was not worried about Alicia’s sudden refusal to eat properly. Could be a mix of growing up tantrum related crap, heatwave, teething and painful throat because of the cold. So here’s hoping it will pass and it will be just that.

Having them in baby 2 felt like a graduation moment to me. I could have easily kept them in baby 1 until pre-school lol but I guess the hair pulling and tantrum (and toy) throwing is not the best thing for really tiny babies who are just joining the creche 😉


Alicia is 9 kilos and measures 74 cms
Laura is 8.3 kilos and measures 73 cms
Ana is 8.4 kilos and measures 74.5 cms

All growing well in their curves and hitting the milestones they should hit. We are so lucky. Sometimes we forget how much more complicated our (and their!) lives could have been. So they cough, spit snot and aren’t the best sleepers… they are doing GREAT!

I often forget to look at the big picture, and ours is mighty good looking.


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