Seems that Mr H has the talent…

… Of posting super uplifting and optimistic blogs right before things go t*ts up lol


After his last post, the heatwave started to take its toll at nights and the girls started to be fussy during sleep again, Ana decided to have random bursts of low grade fevers and when she got over it, Laura started doing the same except with higher fever than Ana. The paediatrician sees nothing, there’s no other symptoms, they must be fighting something but we can just treat the fever and wait for it to pass…  Alicia is nearly walking but she’s becoming super assertive and pulls enormous tantrums AND she’s becoming a difficult eater… *sigh*

So cranky-babies-R-Us is back in business ARGH!


Bottom line is, from now on Mr. H can only post things about how hard life is 🙂



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