I’m not a generous person. I’m the first to admit that I won’t be volunteering my time (not that right now I have a lot to spare) to help others. I will however help if asked, so it’s not like I don’t care or don’t have a heart! It’s just that I live under the assumption that if one needs help, one needs to ask for it because you can’t assume people around you will realise you need it (everyone has their own stuff to deal with).

I understand this doesn’t make me look very good lol but it gives a context to the rest of the post. So, taking into consideration what I’ve just said, having triplets has really made me realise how generous some of the people I’m surrounded by truly are. I’m not shading those who aren’t because I would be exactly like them. Hence the initial explanation. However, I have to say that I’m amazed by the help and support many family members and friends have offered since the girls were born and even before.

People will surprise you.

From my mother in law – who has enough health issues to deal with herself – moving in with us at the beginning, to our friends visiting and holding/feeding/entertaining babies to give us a break, to all those that took time to find lovely gifts and spent their hard earned money, those who knitted baby hats and jackets, those that silently but continuously follow their progress in the shared photo album, those who always ask about their well-being and a particular mention to my dad and brother who come every single evening to help us put them to bed and every Sunday afternoon to give us a little breather.

Special shout out to my brother, who seeing how sleep deprivation was taking its toll on us has volunteered to stay over every night until 1am so we can have a good few hours sleep consistently, even if they end up having a cranky end of the night. See, he has always been a difficult child growing up but he has been always so generous with his time for all his nieces. It’s amazing to me and I’m ever so grateful.

Of course, as parents, we want to be able to deal with all this sh*t ourselves. Our kids, our responsibility, really. And to be fair, we do most of the time. But getting such a big help makes you feel somehow inadequate to say the least and I question if I’m not neglecting my own obligations. I tell myself that it’s a temporary solution. And to be honest, the girls are slowly getting there in terms of sleep (Laura has been sleeping through for the past week and the other two sleep through but get up too early but it’s getting better). This kind of help makes such a difference, getting sleep is making things soooo much easier and enjoyable so I’ve decided to leave my pride out the door and take the offered help with just plain gratefulness.

I just hope one day we get to pay them back and return the favour.



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