I’m impressed

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post (I wish lol). I’m just really impressed.

Today I contacted Maxi-Cosi because I read on their instructions that if the maxi-cosi car seats are in an accident at over 30 km/h then they can’t guarantee their safety anymore. A few weeks ago we were hit in the back of the car by a silly woman that didn’t realise we were stopped at a red light. Damage to the car was considerable taking into account the stupid type of accident (over 2300 euros in repairs).

In traditional “what else could go wrong” moment, when the accident happened we were taking the girls out for a ride so they would nap because it was proving impossible to do at home. Result was the accident, girls screaming, forms being filled with three cranky and hungry babies, etc. I’m surprised at the time we had the presence of mind to add the three car seats in the form for our insurances.

So yesterday we went to their website and to our surprise they offer a replacement for the seats if they’ve been in a car accident! I wrote to them and sent them the relevant documentation and pictures of the damage to the car and they have just written back telling us they’re sending us replacement seats.

So yeah, I’m impressed and thankful.

Let it be said: Maxi-Cosi is awesome 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m impressed

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet of Maxi Cosi to have this deal, taking care of our little ones long after the initial purchase.


    1. Actually it’s a bit of a cheat. It’s the peg perego triplet stroller but they sell maxi cosí adapters that are really cheap and easy to clip on 🙂

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