Little update

Mr H reminded me that I’m slacking on the blog… he’s correct but, but, but… well there’s no buts. I just couldn’t find the time or, when I had the time, the inspiration just wasn’t there.

A lovely weekend and a few good night sleep (by our new standards of sleeping, i.e., more than 2/3 hours in a row!), and I feel the need to gush over the little monsters. It’s probably a good moment to take stock of the things they do now they’re over the one year mark.


Alicia is a talker. That’s her latest study subject. All day blablabla dada, papa, mama, nana, caca, gaga and lately she’s learned how to shape her mouth to make “o” and “u” (spanish “u”, so in english I suppose it’s “oo” lol). She can say “wow” copying me when I tell her. It’s incredible the face of concentration she has when we talk to her. She stares our lips down and then tries to emulate. She also stands up on anything and nearly without aid. She holds herself up easily and moves around while holding to stuff. She likes to sit on things too! we need to invest in little seats for their height, I think they’re fed up of the floor level. She climbs on stuff as well.

Only today I remembered how she used to SCREAM all the time…. scream for fun, for food, for sleep…. I really prefer the background talking for sure. Oh, and while it will never be confirmed, I’m pretty sure she sings.

She now eats like a horse and, as a consequence I’m sure, sleeps really good. But because of her appetite, I don’t think we’re getting rid of that 10.30pm bottle any time soon!

She must be easily around 8.5kg and measure around 72/74cms. (haven’t checked since the last post! good thing eh? means no paediatrician’s visit in two weeks! )


Ana could be a good extra in “The Walking Dead”, not so much because of her looks (’cause, let’s face it, she’s a cutie pie that will be milking her looks for a long time if she keeps them), but because of her constant “aaaaaaaah” in all tones and volumes. Ana often seems to be doing things after her sisters but that seems to be true only for motor skills. She’s, in my non professional opinion, ahead of them in social skills and eating habits. She looks also more grown up. I understand when other triplet parents told me that they all evolve at their own pace, they really do.

Ana also stands up, climbs and moves along rails. She points at everything she likes with an “ah”! She still has one tooth only and the three showing just never seem to break through, and the poor thing suffers a lot from it.

She has the longest hair of the three which makes it really attractive for the other two to pull!! Of course, she’s not pleased but she’s starting to fight back. She’s a jealous baby. She doesn’t like to share adults’ attention with her sisters. She probably thinks those two have a special bond with eachother, let me have the special bond with the adults!

She absolutely loves bath time and waves hello without hesitation! She loves to examine the clothes I put on her and peekaboo is her favourite game to play. She’s the best at trying finger food which is ironic considering her teeth (or lack of) situation.

She will be around 8.3kgs and about 75cms long.


Laura is becoming the class clown and a total jackass. Must be that as the smallest in size she feels the need to assert herself with physical strength. For someone that small she has the strength of a bull lol. She’s always climbing toys and seats, “running” around crawling with her sisters, she stands and moves like her sisters, she’s now in the phase of putting things on top of other and being mesmerised by the result. But she also body slams the floor (and whoever or whoever is in front), pulls hairs, pushes around and slaps and finds it all SO FUNNY! even the “punishment” is funny to her. Any advice welcome here. Is she too small to understand? I really don’t think she gets what “no” means.

She’s so alert and so interactive. She’s such a joy to be around and she’s also extremely independent and is happy to play alone. She loves the “what a wonderful day” songs from Baby TV. Goes crazy happy when they’re on! And she’s also been the first one to be able to climb on the walker (it’s like a truck). She’s very happy the other two still haven’t managed to do it and brags about it constantly!

She is a bit of a troll, she pretends to give you something then takes it away when you get there lol

She’ll be reaching the 8 kgs and will be about 72cms.

It’s just unbelievable to see how far they’ve come, from those defenceless babies in incubators to fearless (nearly) toddlers ready to explore the world.

As far as I’m concerned, life is going in the right direction. It’s still very hard some days, but with the bit more sleep I’m getting, the more perspective I get on the big picture. I’m also enjoying the brain activity returning slowly at work.

I just keep wishing for cool nights so they continue learning that sleeping is AWESOME as they seem to be doing lately.

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