1 Year adjusted check up

As we approach the 1 year adjusted age, the girls got to have a check-up with the neonatal unit as part of a routine follow up. This is done to check for potential delays or issues linked with prematurity. So far, so good 🙂

The girls are all on their curves, P25 (P15 for Laura) for weight and P50 for length and head. Mobility has no issues and socially they interact wonderfully. One thing: Ana’s right eye seems to squint a bit so she’ll get that checked soon. Other than that what more could parents want to hear? I must admit that it feels good to touch base with those that took care of my babies when they were tiny. It’s also a reminder of how lucky we are to have three babies in great health (yes, even after the winter day care months from hell).

Laura, has an additional follow-up as she was born under 1.5kgs. Today she got to see a psychologist that gave her plenty of different toys to play with. It felt like an exam lol

She “passed” with flying colours!

In other news, nights are horrendous with this heat AND they seem to be eating like horses!! all day drinking bottles and eating!! what the hell is up with that? waking up at 3am screaming bloody murder for food??


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