Kidding myself?

See, I keep telling everyone that will listen that I’m so lucky to have three healthy babies considering the odds. But they keep getting virus after virus at the crèche and we seem to be constantly battling something and it’s usually at night that it’s felt. We get a few days here and there when all of them are free of illness and it’s amazing. But then one of them starts the sniffles again and we know it’s at least a week of bad sleep and eating again.

I always hear how babies in day care spend their first year being ill. Is it true? I always thought it was an exaggeration… I guess my babies are just a bit more fragile than the average… Hard to tell when I know nothing else.

We are so thankful to have then be just ill. I realise it could be so much worse. I just wonder if its normal or if they need a boost in some way.

As I type poor Ana has ridiculously swollen tonsils with a viral infection. Not much to do but help her through it and ride it out. It’s heartbreaking. She hungry and sleepy and can’t do either properly.

The other two had the same virus but seem to fight these things a bit better.

I just don’t seem to be able to sleep. Funny (not) story: talking to a good friend the other day she told me “it’s incredible how you can do without sleeping much, right? I mean, when my girl was a baby I could do a full day’s work with four five hours in…” that’s where the difference with multiples is! Four hours…. IN A ROW PEOPLE ! The luxury 😖

3 thoughts on “Kidding myself?

  1. Sadly, not an exaggeration. And a year? Well, you’ll be lucky if it’s only that long. 😦 But on the bright side, when they’re a bit older, they won’t get sick as often as their classmates that weren’t in childcare as infants!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that! One of my biggest worries is child care once we go back to work. While they need to be exposed to germs and dirt, having little ones sick all the time is no fun. A lot of the time it is made worse by how clean the daycare itself is kept. Often when they have a child that’s ill they don’t bother cleaning up and sanitizing properly.


  3. Thanks! Don’t get me wrong they love daycarebwe think it’s important for them to socialise outside themselves as they risk just wanting to be together… They’ll be special enough as it is! But when it rain it pours! It’s a four person job here… One to care for each kid and one to keep the logistics going!


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