Pushing through

Sometimes we go through phases where it’s just a case of pushing through it. They got better after the hell month then they got worse then better again then vaccination then high temp as a reaction… Etc etc all really means that they just sleep and eat badly when they’re not good, therefore the grueling feeling of the first months returns. But then they are OK again and show us they still can eat and sleep properly 😀

Some days are just testing but they’re doing so well and they deal with colds and fevers a lot better than I do!

They’re all trying to get up now which makes them really frustrated when they can’t so cue a lot of whining but it’s really amazing to see how they progress.

Another not so fun development is that they seem to only want mommy’s arms at night if they need confort which is annoying to say the least! With one baby it would be OK but with three it’s a problem. They need to quickly move on to be daddy’s girls or ill go buy cigarettes and never come back lol

Some nice pics just because

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