One year ago

Our girls were born at 12.11, 12.12 and 12.14pm. They came over a week before our plans and they were born perfect. One year has passed and they are beyond perfect. I was going to write something about us surviving their first year but I think they deserve the merit of surviving our first year of parenthood instead.

It’s been hard, so incredibly hard, to deal (and still deal with) sleepless nights, sniffles, coughs, throw ups, weight loss, teething… But they are so unbelievably amazing. To watch them grow and learn new things every week is extraordinary. I am so thankful for them, for the good times and for the hard times (yes, I’m convinced down the line it will “build character” lol). I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband for putting up with the stressed out mom that I can be, for having with me the same conversation over and over because my baby brain didn’t register we had it already, for supporting my mothering decisions and for sticking with me even when I’m an irritable and angry cow. I’m so in love with the father of my children, seeing him eat their bellies, sing them to sleep and teaching them peekaboo fills me with pride, pride to have him as my husband, as my partner as my friend. I see how he constantly is looking for ways to improve our lives, from solutions to everyday problems to planning the girls futures and our legacy to them. It’ so reassuring to have someone looking out for all of us. It’s been a tough year for our relationship but I think the roughest part is behind us (hopefully!).

To my girls: You are wonderfully perfect. Alicia you are as sweet as A’s apple pie, smart cookie of the bunch. You are mommy’s girl but I’m convinced you crave daddy more when I see how you laugh when he comes near you. You still scream bloody murder when you’re hungry or tired… That’s still not cute! You were the first crawler, you held the bottle first, you understood quickly that clapping means you did something good, you study things until you find a solution. That’s a good thing to have, don’t lose it! Laura you little rascal. You were the smallest in size but my goodness are you the ringleader of the bunch. Hope you grow up as confident and independent but remain sweet and nice as you are now. First with a tooth (and OMG how many can you grow at once!) and second to crawl (by 30 mins). You think playing is about body slamming, hair pulling and scratching… you find it hilarious! hopefully you’ll soon understand that not everyone thinks the same. I love how you always look for Ana to include her. You might do things second to Alicia but deary me are you a one upper! You always do it better and louder than the rest. Remember no one likes a know it all (but it’s good to actually know it all lol) Keep using that confidence for good and you’ll be awesome. Ana my sweet girl. You laugh so much!! it’s so refreshing to hear you chuckle and laugh like a maniac when Hungry Henry picks the food that isn’t available on the menu or when you hear the word “Bezerk”! you love attention and you surely know how to milk it with those amazing eye lashes and gigantic (toothless) smile. You’re keen on walking before crawling and love your solids over your bottles. You’re such a happy baby, it makes me ache when you’re struggling with your teeth or a cold. You’ve quickly learned how to steal toys back and to defend yourself from Laura! Stella can’t wait for you to grow up a little more so she can play with you too. You love her so much. You’re the self soother of the three and hopefully you’ll teach the other two clingers that sleeping is best done on your own (wishful thinking!). Maybe the secret is in your “dudu” 🙂

When one thinks time is still, it takes a moment to look back and see how far along they’ve (we’ve) come. I can’t wait for the years to come.


2 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. This one is for you…don’t sell yourself short. The first year is the hardest (and arguably the sweetest and the most amazing) and you survived with some modicum of sanity! It just gets more fun from here. Enjoy those sweet girls!

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