Advice for beach day out

So, we’re wanting to take the girls for a day out on the Belgian coast (yeah, I know, glamorous north sea!). For reference, the Belgian beaches are wide sandy beaches. We were just gonna wing it and go tomorrow but having a quick read online put us right off thinking we’re VERY unprepared.

It’s also very confusing to me, we’re supposed to have them fully covered but also have a swim suit, they can play in the sand but stay away from it as it reflects UV and it’s bad for skin, etc etc…

As a mediterranean kid, all this is foreign to me. We always went to the beach, put loads of sun screen and hat and and off we went! Now we’re supposed to bring tents, paddling pools, on top of the expected thousand beach towels, parasol, hats, nappies, food, drinks and spare clothes… we’re not supposed to be in the beach between 11 and 3pm (some places mention 5pm!)… All this vitamin D we have to give them now as it’s proven they don’t get enough sunlight and then we can’t really put them in the sun anyway!!! ARGH Contradictions-R-Us or what??!?

I’m now terrified of wind, sand, water, heat, cold… you name it.

Anyone care to share their own experiences? what was useful and what wasn’t? Is it worth it for a day trip?


One thought on “Advice for beach day out

  1. Baby powder works wonders to remove sand from babies. The sand will get everywhere depending on how mobile they are.

    Bring lots of changes of clothes, wipees and towels. You need to be prepared for blowouts, vomit, etc.

    Also have a good supply of water on hand. You never know what you will need it for.

    We have a BabyVac nose sucking attachment that hooks up to the hose of a vacuum. We took that with us as their noses ran a lot since it was cold. If you haven’t yet purchased a babyvac look online. Must have in my opinion.

    But yes, sunscreen is a must as well as hats for their heads. The weather sounds like it could be unpredictable.

    The nearest beach 🏖 is 2 hours driving from us. So we paid the price on the return because one of the 3 got restless.

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