The outdoors & other things

I have just realised that this spring and summer will be the real first time the girls will be enjoying the (hopefully) sunny outdoors. Yesterday we took them to a great park to enjoy the first good day of sunshine and wow am I unprepared lol

We need sun hats. At least we had good amounts of sun cream and the strollers are really good for covering up from the sun. But yeah, suddenly I started thinking they’re going to start going on grass, sand … getting all icky lol It’s a whole new ball game than winter and keeping them dry and warm, isn’t it?

Anyways, we’ll get there eventually. I just seem to be totally unprepared every time a new, and completely foreseeable, thing comes our way.

It was a great day out and the girls enjoyed it very much.

Teeth are popping up everywhere in Alicia and Laura and poor Ana continues to chew on everything hoping for them but without much luck. Sniffles are back *sigh*

Last night I woke up hearing Alicia sobbing in her sleep. It really broke my heart and couldn’t console her, it was all very subtle but she must have been having a bad dream or something. It was really strange.

Laura keeps doing this weird old lady smile, as in “look at my teeth” lol she’s really funny. Alicia is starting to copy her. And now they all clap to “if you’re happy and you know it”.

Funny girls!

15 days until their first birthday 🙂



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