Two steps back, one step sideways, one step back, one good night sleep

Seems that life waits for us to post something about things looking up for something to happen. Ana, who was the first to recover from the month of hell, woke up Saturday with her nose totally blocked. And I mean BLOCKED… as in serum wouldn’t even go in and aerosols didn’t work as she was breathing through her mouth. Monday 3 am we took her to the ER as she had been constantly crying in pain, having difficulty eating or drinking and had been carrying a low grade fever for a couple of days. Turns out she has an ear infection (just like her sisters did a week ago, it just developed later). So yesterday she stayed home, started antibiotics and we will see how she evolves.

On a positive note… we had a good night sleep last night. It’s worth a whole blog post on its own. Hadn’t happened in over a month with all the coughs, fevers, snots and hunger. I was so happy at work I announced it to stranger on the lift 🙂

We have bets going on about who will crawl first. Laura was the first to master sitting up on her own followed by Alicia. Ana is throwing herself everywhere so she might surprise us too as she doesn’t have the bad habits Alicia and Laura have that are delaying their crawl (they go down forward from sitting so their legs get in the way of the crawling position).

I had a dream the other day that Ana would just suddenly stand and walk lol.

Anyways, just thought I’d share the amazing feeling of sleeping.


One thought on “Two steps back, one step sideways, one step back, one good night sleep

  1. The baby nasal vac that you hook up to a vacuum works wonders on clogged noses. Ours just got sick 😷 this weekend due to playing at the mall and it helps keep the mucus at bay. For ear infections we use a natural mixture of garlic and coconut 🥥 oil. Melt it in warm water and administer a few times daily with an ear dropped and massage it in to the ear. That might help preserve your kids’ immune system as the antibiotics clear the slate


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