A spoonful of sugar…

…makes the medicine go down 🙂

Happy to announce that medication is working and we have our beautiful, funny and adventurous girls back. I had actually forgotten how happy they used to be before the month of illness.

Tonight was the first time we didn’t have to cuddle, cradle, put in pram for hours a baby in the middle of the night. Maybe, just maybe, we’re getting rid of these illness horrible habits. I’m convinced that the last hurdle to get them to fully sleep like before the illness is that Alicia and Laura need to eat a bit more during the day so they are more satisfied at night. But they are slowly eating and drinking more each day. Ana has a full appetite which is amazing to see.

I suppose it’s a small sigh of relief until the next one lol

Teeth are starting to show which is really cute. Laura has learned the technique to sit up on her own (meaning cots have gone down a level), Alicia can worm her way backwards to places really far away and Ana finally has started enjoying throwing herself on her belly and trying to move. Other than that their favorite toy is the one their sisters are holding and Alicia has understood that clapping means she’s done something good so it’s really cute to see how happy she gets when we clap at her.

This weekend we’re determined to transition to have them all bath at the same time. I feel they resist because bath time is basically the only time they get one on one time with mama and it’s often a real fun time for them. But I’m convinced they’ll really enjoy the play time together… if we managed to get them to stop screaming when they see the other ones coming!! Wish us luck.

Now, the usual collection of random pictures:



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