Radio silence

Haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s been a complicated month health wise. Nothing major but a cold turned rhinitis, turned threatened bronchitis, turned conjunctivitis and otitis. A lot of annoyingitis, basically.

Whatever progress was made eating and sleeping has gone out the window and my poor girls have had endless sessions of emptying noses, not eating properly, coughing fits, throwing up phlegm, and basically… just not being their usual happy selves.

Mr H and I have ended up catching whatever they had and suffered it to this day because, when you don’t sleep your body doesn’t recover well from anything.

I’m very much fed up of our pediatrician and next week we’re trying out a new one.

I understand there’s not a lot to give babies this age against a cold however, if I keep telling you it’s something worse than a cold and it’s lasting nearly a month, that Alicia isn’t eating a thing and drinks the bare minimum to avoid dehydration for the past five days, surely there is something to try. We had to bring them to her for the third time yesterday for her to realize that maybe they could do with some stronger medication to remove all the mucus they have blocking their noses, throats and ears… maybe, just maybe, some aerosols with medication would help, maybe some ibuprofen for 48 hours while the medicine takes effect would help with the eating and maybe some drops for the infected ears and eyes would help as well…. how’s that for “there’s not much you can give babies”.

Poor sods now need two aerosol sessions a day, three times ibuprofen for 48 hours, ear drops for a week and eye drops for 5 days. They are NOT enjoying this and nor am I however, already yesterday we could see some serious quite immediate improvements.

I’m surprised how good they are dealing with all this to be honest. They still manage to crack a smile here and there. We had to cancel our first trip we had planned for this weekend. We were supposed to go to Paris for a wedding and it would have been a short drive to allow them to meet most of the Spanish side of the family. We won’t be able to do it now that we have to do aerosols etc. I don’t want to risk them delaying the recovery, they have suffered enough. But it now means we need to organise a trip to Spain sooner than we expected.

Hopefully these medications will kick it out of them and they’ll be able to enjoy their days as much as they used to. We will still need to get rid of many new bad habits taken up such as more frequent feedings and broken sleep.

On the positive side, our babies are now 10 months old (8 adjusted) and are amazing 🙂


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