The secret

Once you become a mum, particularly of multiples, other mothers suddenly decide to share how much of a struggle the first months and years have been for them. They all come clean about the lack of sleep, the difficulties getting along with their significant others, how horrible their kid was about this or that, how the newborn phase sucked donkey’s arse. They do so because they understand that if they had such a hard time, I must be going INSANE. They are correct 🙂

I keep telling them I don’t see the point of not being honest about their struggles. It only makes new mums feel really bad until someone comes forward and shares their horror stories about a creaking board on the floor that woke the baby up after two hours of putting him to sleep or about walking the baby at 3 am or how theirs only pooped once every ten days. They mostly think women will stop having babies if they know about this. Maybe some will but most of them will just be better prepared mentally to deal with the situation.

I openly talk about how much I struggle and what b*stards babies can be (unintentionally b*stardy of course!). They are the most amazing beings in the world but my goodness are they hard work!! I think the sisterhood of mothers would really benefit from opening its doors and knowledge to potential recruits!

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