Perspective (or lack of)

So after my anguished posts from the past days, and after one good night sleep (and by that I mean at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep for me… Not counting a dreamfeed lol) all seems a lot clearer in my head. Last night Laura slept for an amazing 12 hours uninterrupted and Alicia for 11 (except at 10.30 when she woke up crying for food but soon went to sleep as she was being fed). Ana was totally out from 6.30pm until 4am. Then she woke up and she realised she could do with some food. As we cant afford the luxury of individual feeding schedules Mr H kept her downstairs until it was close enough for everyone’s morning bottle (bless him). Great improvement for her and didnt get up once screaming like a crazy baby like the last nights.

Turns out that I only needed to publicly say that I didn’t know how to make them eat more and they have decided they would like a 240ml bottle for a change lol.

So, I just need to try to keep a bit of perspective when times are rough. Easy as that 😉

Speaking of which, it doesn’t cease to amaze me how people imagine my life to be. They seem to think I have the toughest time in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s often difficult to keep a clear head when they don’t let me sleep but thankfully my girls are not individually difficult babies. It’s difficult because there’s three. Im saying this because a person I know who has a severely disabled child due to a traumatic birth and who requires constant professional care at home told me today in a completely horrified tone that she “wondered often how I managed to deal with such a difficult situation”. I was at loss for words and politely replied it wasn’t that bad and that with the hardships also comes amazing stuff every day.

I often refer to our new life as a Monty Python movie. Surreal, absurd but so funny as well.

Maybe in a few years, with some new found perspective, we’ll see what other people see but at the moment this is just how our life is. It’s normal parenthood for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Extreme parenting: triplet edition

2 thoughts on “Perspective (or lack of)

  1. What I used to say is that it was grueling, not really hard. It was just…always something. That makes it sound more unpleasant than it really was, because I also had easy babies without colic or any medical problems. But it was just so much of a grind. Even when they were adorable and smiling. 😀

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    1. YES! that’s exactly it… not a single second left in the day. Start cooking but never make it to eat it warm! same with coffee. Changed three diapers this morning before heading out and they decided to do double craps so had to do it all over again… should be (and am) grateful they at least did it before getting in the car lol

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