Total chaos

As I type this, the girls are all peacefully sleeping in their cots. It’s 7.40pm, rain noise and ewan the sheep sounding in the background. I have little faith this will last but I’m desperately hopeful at the same time. 

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. The girls started the creche and in the first two days of adaptation they caught a small gastroenteritis. Three vomiting babies at once is something to tell your grandchildren when you’re older. Add to that Mr H catching it as well the second night and projectile vomiting when running for the toilet. During four days the washing machine was constantly on, the house, which we usually keep on top of, was a sh*thole, no creche, crying babies, suffering husband trying to do as much as he could and all resemblance of routine disappeared. Total chaos.  No sleep.
Then Ana also developed Roseola which of course is only visible once the contagion period is finished. We’re expecting the other two to follow suit.

Their sleep has been atrocious and so have ours. We tried isolating Ana from the other two at night as she was the loudest complainer. It only made us twice as sleep deprived. They’re all back in the nursery together tonight. Hopefully it’ll all come back to normal. Hopefully…

Sleep deprivation brings out the very worst in me. I can’t think straight, I become insecure, I doubt all my choices, I lose it, I snap, I cry, I recover and start the day all over again dreading the once amazing and longed for bedtime.
Today the three completed their first full day in the creche. I spent the day hoping not to get a call to pick them up. The phone never rang, they do fine there, they come home exhausted from all the daily action.

I sit here and hope they sleep like they used to before falling ill.

Sh*t gets real with three ill babies.

4 thoughts on “Total chaos

    1. Starting to pass… Phew I had some tough days! Have to see the positive and that is they have taken 8 months before making us suffer this. Not sure I would have managed a few months ago. I also think we were so hopeful about the creche giving us a bit of breathing space and then this happened. But we just need to remember that creche is starting and things will become more manageable 🙂


  1. Hope you are all recovered now!!!! I am the same as you when sleep deprived!! But you have put my feeling sorry for myself into perspective. What’s worse than being ill and caring for two ill babies? Three ill babies. Xx

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    1. Seems that we’re back on track. Not the best of nights but mote resembling a crappy night “old style”, not the crazy up all nighters we’ve had these days. And answering your question, what’s even worse is three ill babies and a husband joining them! 🙂


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