Random things

At their 8th month checkup (6 adjusted) the girls continue their great growth. 

Alicia was 7.200kg and 66 cms

Ana was 7.150kg and 68 cms

Laura was 6.600 kg and 64 cms

Alicia and Ana are above average on their adjusted age and are now in the P25 curb of their real age. That was awesome to hear! Our champion Laura has only just jumped on her real age curb at the P5.

In other news, they all hold themselves sitting pretty nicely and enjoy playing together a lot more as a consequence. All of them are trying to vocalise words (Alicia prefers the dadada, Laura the gagaga and Ana likes a bit of wawawa) and are happy eaters now that the tonsillitis, laryngitis and rhinitis have gone!

A few pictures for the records

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