As time goes by I find myself less and less amused by the rudeness of people.  I don’t mind people engaging with us. Ok it might be a bit repetitive and strange but it’s mostly pleasant conversation (sometimes slightly inappropriate questions) which often ends up with words of encouragement and congratulations. However I notice more than before those that point and stare, those talking about us as if we weren’t there (look! Triplets! Oh my… ). I find myself replying to them, always polite but making sure they realise they were being rude.

Today a random guy asked if he could take a picture. My dad, who like a proud grandad was pushing the triple pram in the christmas market, was going to say yes before I stepped in and kindly refused. This was followed by a “why?” From the guy. “Because it’s weird” I answered. I’m sure he took a pic anyways but at least it was without my permission and I made sure he felt like a weirdo asking for pictures of other people’s babies.
What is wrong with people? It costs nothing to be polite and just acknowledge my presence with a look if you want to openly and loudly talk about my babies. Yes, I know they’re the cutest thing you’ll ever see but there’s no need to lose your composure over it.

11 thoughts on “Rudeness

  1. Brace yourself. The comments will not let up until they are a bit older. The novelty will wear off for onlookers. One thing that helped us was to have a double stroller and a single stroller. Of course you need two people in that scenario

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      1. Ugh yes!! I got the “good luck with that” comment. Replied I already am! They are weirder than we, triplet family, are lol. Saying that, I once got a woman applauding. Must admit I enjoyed that moment :))))

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      2. I said “made of clay” 🙂 and when they ask if we had fertility treatments I said “of course! Lots of meditation and aromatherapy” lol

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  2. That’s incredibly rude! I’d like to see his reaction if people walked up to him and started taking photos of him or his family. Not that our babies are celebrities by any stretch but I’m starting to understand those celebrities that deny photos with fans sometimes.

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      1. They have a group for dads my husband is a part of called Dads of Triplets. Not sure how helpful that group is as my husband just skims through their feeds, but I absolutely love my moms group on fb! They’ve been beyond helpful since the very beginning of my pregnancy.


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