Been a while

Been busy caring for three sick babies, and trying my hardest to not be as sick as them all (husband included). Nothing particularly bad, a mean cold but Ana has swollen tonsils and isn’t drinking much milk. She’s eating her veg and fruit ok so it’s surely just painful to suck.

Alicia isn’t putting weight on (30 gr in two weeks) even though she eats her veg and some fruit and drinks over 800 ml a day. But she’s a happy baby, is growing and is recovering well from her cold.

Laura had a tough couple of days but she’s back to her good old fun self.

Ana is sleeping terrible meaning so am I. Hopefully this is all illness related and will improve again  when she’s better.

Got fun pictures of the girls for Christmas in silly outfits. And fun videos of Laura stealing dummies 🙂

Oh and we switched the Prius for a Hilux. We have now fully embraced the super size nature of our family. It means we can now travel with the gigantic pram, three travel cots, boxes of nappies in addition to suitcases! We have all intentions to return to the Prius when they don’t need the pram anymore. Particularly because we already have the 3 backseat solution for them (  we just weren’t as happy with their baby seats to do long distance travelling. They have been a life saver until now though.

I’m rambling now so here are some cute pics to look at (nearly 8 months, 6 adjusted)

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