First day back at work

Seems the theme of the week is first things. Yesterday I returned to work after a year away. Around this time last year I was admitted to hospital for a weekend after a scary bleed and then was put on sick leave by my OBGYN.

Funnily enough I was meant to start at a new department in February but never made it on that day. Since then, there has been an empty office with my name in that new unit. To those that didn’t know me I was just a legend “the one who has triplets” lol

Turns out my boss forgot I was coming back that day so I probably could have returned in January and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

As it’s a new job I don’t have a lot to do yet so time goes slow and I have the constant feeling that I should be home doing as many chores possible and taking care of my babies as that seems to be a much more efficient use of my time. This will of course change as I take on more responsibilities but at the moment I don’t feel half as useful at work as I know I am at home.

Two days back and I have the following remarks:

  • The brain has been severely compromised. Needs rebooting.
  • I have a hard time following long adult conversations. Lose interest halfway through them and start thinking about my girls and how Mr H is doing.
  • I eat meals as if a baby was waiting to be held, even though I’m with colleagues at work. Need to learn to eat slowly again.
  • I have lowered all my coffee standards. The answer to how would you like your coffee is now “hot”.
  • I am now defined by my triplets. I accept that, I am proud of it. I hope it will pass though.
  • Even the new IT department knew of me. Went to change my new keyboard and was greeted by a “you’re the mother of triplets, aren’t you?” (We are around a 1000 staff members in this new place)
  • People just want to talk about my babies. I like that because at the moment that’s all I can talk about too. However I hope we’ll be able to move past that soon.
  • Silliest question repeatedly asked: do you have a picture? No, I don’t have a picture, I have thousands of them!!! Also have funny videos too!

I’m sure in the future I’ll have enough stories to share. At the moment my life continues to be like a Monty Python movie: surreal, absurd but extremely funny.

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