First fever

Speaking of first times, Ana gets the prize of being the first to get a fever. Poor thing has got a terrible cold with a super snotty nose which makes her wake up every so often.

She’s seeing the pediatric cardiologist on Tuesday to follow up on her tachycardia. Unless something happens before that (touch wood) it’s a nothing to report on our side which is the best thing to hope for in this situation.

She’s been put to bed after a hot bath and bottle and some dafalgan baby. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “First fever

  1. It’s RSV season. Watch out for that as that can hospitalize infants, specifically preemies.

    Highly recommend this nasal vacuum attachment:

    The suction bulb syringe gets cumbersome after a while.

    Enjoying your posts!


    1. Thanks! This first year they’re getting the RSV vaccine as they fulfilled certain requirements to be eligible for it (more than couple of days with cpap I seem to remember). they got their third shot Friday so I’m hoping its just a nasty cold. Laura seems to be going the same route with a runny nose. It’s not been a fun night at all! At least the fever had gone down.


      1. It’s actually not a vaccine. It’s an injection. I don’t know why the doctor made a point to explain that it wasn’t a vaccine. In any event, the injection will not prevent RSV but will lessen the severity. We actually refused it for all three when offered by the doc. Our middle daughter Emma was the only one eligible as she was on CPAP the longest. They all ended up getting RSV just after age 2. Got it from gym child care unfortunately. Emma was hospitalized 2 days as a result. It is way more than a runny nose, though. Really labored breathing and of course a mild fever. So your baby with the longest duration on cpap might have colds get into their chest fast. Yours sounds like a minor cold though. Weather the domino storm!

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  2. Just read about it. Interesting to know these things. We decided to get them as in Belgium they are offered by the State (for free) if the criteria of premature and cpap time are met. Laura (one that had it longest, 3 days) and Ana (2 days) qualified. As they are triplets, Alicia was automatically also covered. It seems to remain in the nose so far and fever has gone still. Laura is just starting too and I’m sure Alicia (and I) will follow suit. It was all started by Mr. H 🙂

    Funny how they waited for the day before returning to work to get sick for the first time!!


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