Calling all parents of triplets: help with naps

Mr H and I have managed to find solutions to most daily life problems such as feeding, sleeping, playing etc. The one thing we don’t seem to master is NAPS.

Mr H thinks that to get the three to nap at the same time is a fantasy that will never happen. I think it must be somehow achievable. I just don’t have a solution to put on the table. See, only triplet (and more) parents know that they’re outnumbered. I can put one to sleep and then Alicia will do a scream from hell (ironically, because she’s so tired) and wake Ana (the wuss) up and making her cry… cues Laura who just wanted a little nap but “if everyone’s crying maybe I should too just in case there’s a bottle to be eaten somewhere”. So that’s half an hour work gone out the window.

So I guess I’m just asking for TRIPLET advice… is it possible? And if so, how did you do it?

Our girls will turn 7 months tomorrow (5 adjusted) if it’s of any importance for the subject matter.

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