Preemies and clothes

I think I’m in the minority here but I have a love hate relationship with girls’ clothing. I never played much with dolls as a kid as I’m the only girl of three siblings. I’m paying for it now, I’m convinced about it.

I love it cause it’s a fun time with my girls, to dress them up for a picture or a visit. I hate it because it’s very difficult to dress them up!! Hate coats, don’t get me started with tights and how by magic Alicia seems to remove them if I stop looking at her while dressing her, I hate doing with them what I never bothered to do with me, that is, caring about how nice they look!

Yet… I love shopping for cute outfits even though I rather have them in pyjamas all day long!

This wasn’t the main topic of my post. What I wanted to write about was how confusing it is to shop for clothes for preemie babies as they grow up. I keep buying stuff either too small or to big. Often I forget I have plenty of clothes stored away for “when they’re older” because in my head they’re still the little babies I saw in NICU. Result is that they outgrow them before they’ve even tried them on.

This was the case today when I realized two cute dresses I was dying for them to wear were size 3-6 months and not 6-9 as I thought. So for my own sanity I dressed them up even if it was to go to the supermarket and took the mandatory cute picture. The dresses are now in the charity box we give to the local second hand shop.

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