Today is World Prematurity Day

Just found out myself. Spare a thought of admiration for all the preemie babies of the world as they are the bravest, strongest human beings. What they overcome being so tiny is unbelievable to us mere mortals.

My very best wishes to all parents of premature babies. No-one knows what you go through and the emotional roller coaster that being right by your babies represents.

At the end of the day, that’s what we do, we are there for them but the babies do all the work.

Finally, to all NICU staff taking such good care for all premature babies: Thank you does not even begin to describe our feelings for you. You do amazing stuff with our most precious little ones but also with us, emotionally wrecked parents.

We’re thinking of doing something for Christmas for our local NICU, not sure what yet though. They made Mother’s Day so special for us by surprising us with little framed footprints of our girls. Least we can do is try to give back, to the staff and to the parents and babies still fighting to go home.

2 thoughts on “Today is World Prematurity Day

    1. Thanks! We were so lucky to have so little issues. Many aren’t so it’s important to support them. Babies and children really could teach us a thing or two in resilience!

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