Laura is a cheeky little monkey. She was second born and the smallest of the three with a tiny 1.3 kgs. I always worried about her during pregnancy as she was always measuring small compared to her sisters. It was a constant worry of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Each ultrasound was a relief as she kept growing as she should. In the end, doctors were pretty sure her size was due to her cord being placed on the membranes of the placenta rather than the center of it, meaning she was getting less nutrients.

Laura spent the longest in the incubator compared to her sisters. One could literally see through her skin as she laid there sleeping and getting stronger. She was the first I held against my skin and I’ll never forget that feeling.

She spent four days with a CPAP and had a couple of light therapy sessions where she looked like a superhero with that mask on. She also had a blood transfusion to treat anemia. The doctors always said she was super active and had great stamina.

To be honest, Laura has always surprised me with how alert she is, how she intently studies her surroundings, how interactive she is and how cheeky she comes across. She’s definitely a fighter and a dominant personality.

I love it how she gives me the biggest smile when her eyes cross mine. She loves to roll around but above all, she loves loves LOVES “Ayyyy the lullabyyy”, a multicolored butterfly toy Mr H picked up.

I think Laura will be the ringleader of the three when they grow up. Surely taking them to do nothing good by my books! Only time will tell…

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