Things babies have secret radars for

I’ve never been one to believe in sixth sense kinda stuff but this is changing since I have three babies at home. They JUST KNOW things. They will wait for that specific moment to start crying for attention.

I’d like to invite anyone reading this to contribute to the list of things babies have radars for:

  • Boiled kettle, my coffees or teas are made with the most over boiled water in the world!
  • When in the toilet seat one feels it’s calm enough for a number two
  • When about to take the first bite of the first warm meal I’ve had in days
  • When the toaster pops (and they’re in another room so they can’t have possibly heard it)
  • When I get under the covers
  • When I want to write a message on my phone (never when I read them, just writing them)
  • When I tell Mr H he doesn’t have to rush back from the shop “because they’re very calm”

That’s all I can think off the top of my head but there are tons more. Are we all born that smart and aware and then lose it with age? I can’t help but wonder…

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