Alicia was always the strongest of the three in my belly. She always measured ahead (big head and big belly). She was also the one with zero issues at birth, not even 24 hours of CPAP. And she was always the easy going newborn in NICU. She was the first one born.

Alicia rarely complains but when she does the whole neighborhood can possibly hear her. Her face turns purple before the screams come out of her mouth so you know it’s coming but can’t do much to stop it. She’s also decided that she likes the sound of her own screams so she screams when she’s mad but also for fun. Wouldn’t be half as bad if it didn’t make Ana cry (cause she’s a wuss) when she’s startled or if it didn’t go on for what seems to be hours (even though it’s minutes) giving us a headache and freaking Stella out.

At the same time, Alicia is ridiculously sweet. Her smile is one for movies and her laugh is as tender as it comes. She giggles when Laura takes her hand and chews it and she laughs out loud when Stella chases the little foam football we kick around for her.

Although she’s now getting over it, Alicia was clearly much more inclined to enjoy Laura’s company than Ana’s. The identical twin thing seems to be stronger in her than in Laura. But slowly she’s learning that Ana is just as fun to be around.

Alicia has been the first to turn to her belly on her own and to grab as many things possible. My bet is that she’ll be the first to crawl soon.

Unfortunately for her (and our ears) she can’t turn back up so shes often stuck on her belly unable to go anywhere so she screams the house down until someone helps her out. She also seems to think that the baby gym is voice activated 🙂

I think she’ll be the text book older sister to the other two. She’ll be responsible, nice but tough one. Like for Ana, only time will tell

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