I’d like to dedicate a little post to each of my girls. They will forever be “the girls” and “the triplets” but they are very distinct to each other and have their own personalities.

Ana is our Singleton. She spent all the pregnancy on top of her sisters lying sideways over my stomach and often playing the harp with my ribs. She had frequent hiccups then as she does now.

I’ve always joked that she represents the Spanish side of the family because of her dark hair but her blue eyes give away her Britishness. Ana’s premie complication is that she suffers from tachycardia. She had three during NICU and a huge one three days after bringing her home. She was then put under medication which so far seems to be working. As she doesn’t have any obvious malformation or syndrome, the specialist believes she’s likely to be of the 90% of premature babies that “grow out of it” after a year or so. We shall see. But at least it’s nothing life threatening and a condition many people live with.

Besides these medical facts, Ana is a drama queen. She’s either super happy or super sad. That’s her way of telling us she doesn’t like something: she cries like it’s the end of the world. This was (and sometimes is) very distressing considering how aware we are of her heart issues. Basically she’s milking it but one is never sure and she’ll cry enough to make you doubt if she’s having an episode or not.

Nothing can beat that smile and laugh though. When she looks at you with those big blue eyes all is forgiven. I think she looks like my mom. She has that plush top lip that I always wished I had. Also the shape of her eyes… she has Mr H’s nose too! Yet people keep saying she looks like me, probably because of her dark hair.

Ana longs to play with her sisters who are not always as receptive with her as they are with each other. It’s something we’re always looking out for to try to stop it when you happens. I understand that identical twins have a special biological bond, but being triplet sisters is also special if not more 🙂

Ana laughs out loud when Stella jumps on the couch or wags her tail. It’s the most beautiful sound to my ears.

I’m pretty sure in the future she’ll be one hell of a drama queen kid. Only time will tell.

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