Trick or Treat!

First Halloween with kids in the house. Can’t wait for many more ridiculous outfits such as these.


I don’t think they were half as amused as I was. Maybe next year we’ll get them dressed in girly outfits. To be honest I was disappointed when I saw that Mr H. brought a count Dracula outfit from the UK. One thing is to be gender neutral and another is to dress them in a boy outfit. However, turns out it was the cutest and funniest of the three. It even has a removable cape 🙂

So… until next year my little monster babies!!

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!

    1. Thanks! I take inspiration from the very few blogs of triplet parents like you! It’s so difficult sometimes but so amazing as well. Unless you’ve gone through it I dont think people can understand the challenge.

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