What’s good for one is not good for three

When you are pregnant and after giving birth, one gets a lot of advice (unsolicited mostly). And while it all comes from a good place (and mainly from women that used to detest unsolicited advice during their pregnancy) I have a hard time telling them “thanks but it really isn’t suitable for triplets” without sounding ungrateful.When you have triplets many things parents of their first child will pay meticulous attention to aren’t possible. For example, the bag we carry when going out has the essentials and little more. You quickly learn to say “sod it” when something has accidentally been left at home. We feed three babies, burped and changed in less than 30 mins. I’m unable to get them to nap at the same time during the day, sometimes they don’t even nap. Also, people are quick to judge if your letting your babies watch tv, if you don’t change the bath water between babies, if dummies are too big or if they really should be going out more (or less).

Unless you’ve had three babies AT ONCE you can’t talk. I’ll take a gigantic dummy if, after trying fifty different ones it’s the one that keeps her happy and if by chance I realized that my babies love shimmer and shine and it gives me 20 minutes to prepare their food for the day, empty the nappy bin and feed my poor dog then I have zero issues with that. If walking them makes them sleep in their pram then AWESOME I say!

And no, Cry It Out techniques will rarely work with triplets. They will always win cause they outnumber you and they egg each other on. You will end up crying it out yourself 🙂


They will always win


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