Meet Stella, the queen of the house.

She’s been the best companion we could have hoped for during the 7 years she’s been with us. She’s fun, quirky, loving and absolutely beautiful. She’s also proudly untrained (except to get food), not doggy friendly and thinks she’s human (she even plays fetch with us).

Her world turned upside down when the girls arrived and she’s not sure where she fits anymore. I feel very guilty because I can’t give her the attention she was used to getting. At the same time I’m amazed at how well she’s coping considering we often have babies screaming for food, that drool and poo and that get all the attention she used to get. She often comes and sits between me and them when playing on the baby gym and sometimes she dares lick their hands or heads in a sign of love and acceptance. I’m ashamed to say she is the butt of many of my temper outbursts when she barks at the wrong moment (usually when babies have just fallen asleep) or when I’m deflecting on her my frustrations with the babies. Yet, she still loves us unconditionally.

We still have a long way to go to have everyone find their place in the new pack but I’m sure she’ll love to have three toddlers to play with (and to get food from!) in the near future.

In the meantime, I need to remind myself how big of a part she’s always played in our happiness and how much comfort she’s been in our hardest moments. She gives so much and asks very little.


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