IMG_8984We have printed the 1000+ pictures that were on our phones since the girls were born to put them into proper photo albums. There’s something special about printed pictures that gets lost on screen. It was an opportunity to revisit those initial moments.Ironically, I don’t particularly like babies (says a mother of triplets). Babies have always cried with me, I’ve never felt the wish to hold other people’s babies and I’ve never longed for one. I do better when I’m able to communicate with other beings and often I find myself exasperated because I don’t understand “baby”. However, I have to say that nature has its way of putting you in your place sometimes. When I held my babies for the first time I could feel the rush of hormones going through me telling me something (don’t know what, but it was just so strong).

When I see the pictures of those moments, it gives me a little perspective on how far we’ve come, how strong the bond is and how unimportant it is if tonight I had, yet again, another broken sleep night.

And, for the record, I still don’t particularly care for babies. I just care for ours 🙂


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