“And here’s the third one.”

Words that changed our lives forever. My wife was laid on the examining table with her stomach exposed, and I was sat to the side nervously fumbling with my hands. This will be a familiar scenario for anyone who’s ever been expecting, familiar too for us as this wasn’t our first pregnancy, but today we had an additional worry as we’d previously been informed that my wife was expecting twins. We arrived at hospital hopeful that this latest scan wouldn’t find anything for us to be concerned about.

The doctor was efficiently and dutifully making all the necessary checks, taking notes here and there while occasionally reassuring us with “that’s good”, “there it is”, “ah, perfect!” and similar comments. The longer the session went on, the calmer we became as our worries evaporated.

Then something that shook us out of our complacency. “And here’s the third one.” No sooner had the words left the doctor’s mouth did my wife reply, “no, no, there’s only two.” “No, this is the third one,” replied the doctor, as if to reassure her. Suddenly it dawned on her that this was news to us. She’d just given us life-changing information. Of the best kind, but life-changing all the same.

The conversation continued for a few minutes while the doctor, now sheepish and a little embarrassed, wrapped things up ready for a quick exit. Neither my wife nor I remember anything else that was said.

As we left the examination room and re-entered the bright, neon-lit corridor, we turned to each other and let the news sink in. In that one instant thousands of questions and concerns arose in our minds. Our initial reaction was to laugh, perhaps subconsciously hoping that someone had played a grand practical joke and would soon reveal themselves to us. We took the picture below which began a WhatsApp conversation with a close friend, but otherwise the journey back to the car passed in silence.


The silence didn’t last, however, and we soon found ourselves delving into the questions and concerns that had arisen a few minutes before. Our journey home took us past Orchestra, which for those who don’t know, is a store that sells everything baby and child related, and obviously we couldn’t resist temptation…

Steering wheel and all…

This is the only pram they had out on show that was suitable for triplets. It’s the Peg Perego Triplette Stroller, which for reasons we’ll go into another time I’m sure, we discounted pretty quickly. Incidentally, Orchestra did have a 6-seater pram out for customers to stop and shake their heads at <shudder>. We didn’t stay long in the store as our nerves were quickly getting the better of us.

The enormity of what was upon us suddenly hit very hard.

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