The logistics of triplets

Picture the scene. It’s the summer of 2016 and we’ve just collected our brand new shiny metallic red Toyota Prius. We’re chuffed to bits, I mean really pleased with ourselves. We actually ordered it some months previous but a combination of production delays, unexpectedly high sales volumes and a volcano eruption in Japan meant we had to wait to get our hands on it. Continue reading → The logistics of triplets

Seems that Mr H has the talent…

… Of posting super uplifting and optimistic blogs right before things go t*ts up lol


After his last post, the heatwave started to take its toll at nights and the girls started to be fussy during sleep again, Ana decided to have random bursts of low grade fevers and when she got over it, Laura started doing the same except with higher fever than Ana. The paediatrician sees nothing, there’s no other symptoms, they must be fighting something but we can just treat the fever and wait for it to pass…  Alicia is nearly walking but she’s becoming super assertive and pulls enormous tantrums AND she’s becoming a difficult eater… *sigh*

So cranky-babies-R-Us is back in business ARGH!


Bottom line is, from now on Mr. H can only post things about how hard life is 🙂



The one with the inappropriate song

For the oldies out there and Friends’ fans you will surely remember that episode where Ross sings Baby Got Back to his baby to get a laugh.

We’re guilty of the same 🙂

Changed the words so it’s not “a song about a guy who likes to have sex with women with giant asses” as Rachel put it and it’s more about a baby with a full nappy … but Ana likes it and she slaps her own butt or her sisters’ when I sing it 😉

It goes a little something like this:

We like big butts and we cannot lie

You girlfriends can’t deny

when a girl crawls in with an itty bitty waist

And that pampers in your face!!

Shake it, shake it, shake that nasty butt, BABY GOT CRAP!