And it was inevitable…

Ended up in hospital with hydrating gastric tubes on Alicia and Laura as they just wouldn’t drink the gastrolyte and threw up everything….

Poor little things…

As I’m typing this I’m being told by Mr H that Ana has started throwing up as well… Gonna be a long weekend!

Feeling a bit like a failure to be honest but I’ll get over it because when you have triplets there’s just no time to dwell on things like this.

They just catch everything

One with infected tonsils as big as bananas, two with gastro (which I’m sure will soon be shared with the third one), fevers, and Mr H with what is probably all of the above…

Oh my goodness, makes me want to scream! Girls will NOT drink gastrolyte… So they have an empty stomach until morning which is making them miserable. They’ll have sips of water here and there.

Next days are going to be FUN! 🙄

Pushing through

Sometimes we go through phases where it’s just a case of pushing through it. They got better after the hell month then they got worse then better again then vaccination then high temp as a reaction… Etc etc all really means that they just sleep and eat badly when they’re not good, therefore the grueling feeling of the first months returns. But then they are OK again and show us they still can eat and sleep properly 😀 Continue reading → Pushing through