First word alert! We’ve had the usual mama and dada for a while now but it’s never really been in the right context so we’ve always discounted those. Then it happened, “zapato!” … while holding up a shoe! We are a multilingual family and zapato means shoe in Spanish, so there we have it. Not the most inspiring of first words but we’ll take it. Both Alicia and Laura wander around carrying shoes now…

Long time, no write!

I seem to be an unreliable blogger, or maybe I can only hold one online presence at a time. Since I joined Instagram (talk about peer pressure to join a social media!) I can’t seem to find the inspiration to blog properly. Instagram is so easy and lazy! a nice picture, a couple of hashtags and you’re done. Here I actually need to write full sentences lol Continue reading → Long time, no write!

Heatwave be gone

According to the news, today will HOPEFULLY be the last day of the heatwave. It’s been such hard work to help them sleep OK at night and, on top of that, they’ve all caught at some point a summer cold. I just hope they’re all fine when we go get them the MMR vaccination in a couple of weeks! I don’t want to put it off any more.

As bad as the nights have been, the days are great in the sense that they’re just learning to do so many new things! Continue reading → Heatwave be gone

I wish

I’d be just as rude as some that hassle us when we’re about. Today I got the typical “are they natural?” question followed by “no ivf or anything?”… I wish that I would have had the guts to ask her if she uses pads or tampons or, considering her age, if the menopause was hard to live with. But I just politely continued my walk.

Damn it lol!

Also thought of a way of dealing with these questions in the future when the girls can understand. If they are with a kid of understanding age I might just ask them if he’s been adopted… 🙂